Painting Backgrounds for Animation 06: Kabukicho

A new ‘Painting Backgrounds for Animation’. This time we tried to film a more detailed background being entirely painted from above.

Painting Backgrounds for Animation 05: Spooky Trees

We designed these creepy looking trees for our short ‘From The Snow-Covered Hill’ to heighten the film’s visual identity and atmosphere, with the shapes referencing the spikes of a fence.

Painting Backgrounds for Animation 04: Noir Table

To create a Film Noir-ish look in our @dwddtv animation, we painted backgrounds using just black and white. In this style it’s especially fun to play with highlights of glassware.

Painting Backgrounds for Animation 03: Plants

This week we grab our brush and show how painting a yellow texture onto vibrant greens makes flora sprout to life.

Painting Backgrounds for Animation: Bricks

The backgrounds for our short ‘From The Snow-Covered Hill’ require many, many bricks. Why not show you how we paint them? You might want to grab a brush and try it yourself!

How we paint a background for animation

It’s no secret we love to use hand-painted backgrounds behind our animation. Here’s a video on how we make them.