Lichttoren Eindhoven | Painting Backgrounds for Animation #21 | Nicker Poster Colour

In this World War II scene, we see German bombers flying over Eindhoven. The dramatic perspective of the buildings pulls the eyes upwards, to the sky, where ominous clouds give off a brooding atmosphere. A brown and yellow palette enhances the gritty, historic feel.

From our short “Eindhoven: From Now Till Then”, which can be seen here:

Tokyo Drinking Alley | Painting Backgrounds for Animation #17

This one is not really part of an animated film, but rather one shot we created to try and capture an feeling or memory. Something which brings you back to a moment or place. Maybe the end of a night of drinking too much in a drinking alley, one of things in Japan that are so much part of the city life. Hopefully you can transport yourself there for a brief moment, or even relate…

Undone | Painting Backgrounds for Animation #16

We know a couple of you have been waiting for this for a long time, but finally here’s another Painting Backgrounds For Animation video. It’s a short one, but hopefully it fulfills your sweet tooth for now!

Oil paints were used for the production of “Undone”, which was a fresh change of pace. Gave some great new insight for future paintings. Stay tuned for more videos soon, and in the meantime check Undone on Amazon Prime Video.