Lichttoren Eindhoven | Painting Backgrounds for Animation #21 | Nicker Poster Colour

In this World War II scene, we see German bombers flying over Eindhoven. The dramatic perspective of the buildings pulls the eyes upwards, to the sky, where ominous clouds give off a brooding atmosphere. A brown and yellow palette enhances the gritty, historic feel.

From our short “Eindhoven: From Now Till Then”, which can be seen here:

Eindhoven 1920-2020: From Now Till Then | Animation

We’re excited to show you a little of our home town, so we loved when Cultuurstation asked us to create a journey of 100 seconds through 100 years of Eindhoven in celebration of the city’s anniversary. In the first place to motivate kids to discover more about the city, but also for the older ones to spot all the famous and maybe not so famous trademarks.

The client requested to put as much of Eindhoven’s culture and history into a short amount of time. That’s why we chose to focus the animation on being a visual journey with an energetic flow backwards in time, while playing with Eindhoven iconography, until we reach the point where it all began. Inspired by the urban feel of the city, the look & feel became a combination of colourful and surrealistic imagery over realistic looking hand-painted backgrounds of familiar spots. Like graffiti on an industrial wall.

Commissioned by: Cultuurstation en Digitale Scheurkalender Eindhoven
Supported by: Gemeente Eindhoven and Fonds voor Cultuurparticipatie

Music & Arrangement: Robert Jung (Dreikelvin)
Colorist: Dirk Franken
Special Glow Thanks to: WanQing Wang