Painting Backgrounds for Animation 05: Spooky Trees

We designed these creepy looking trees for our short ‘From The Snow-Covered Hill’ to heighten the film’s visual identity and atmosphere, with the shapes referencing the spikes of a fence.

From The Snow-Covered Hill – Advance Screening

It was great to present an advance screening of ‘From The Snow-Covered Hill’ to an audience for the first time. The film really struck a chord with the crowd, who even demanded to see it a second time. Amazing to finally see and hear what moments speak to people. Thanks to the Eindhovens Film Festival for having us!

From The Snow-Covered Hill – Sound Design

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been travelling to Wiebe de Boer’s sound studio to record some talented kids and hear the mix for our animated short take shape. Finally having great audio which fits the visuals truly gives a fresh perspective on everything – almost like watching for the 1st time instead of the 500th. Hearing music composed to a story you’ve created is quite an experience too. Kinda intense. We’re really starting to feel the film the way it should!

Exciting announcement!?

’From The Snow-Covered Hill’ is getting a special preview at the Eindhovens Film Festival in Natlab door Plaza Futura.

On December 8, we’re showing an almost finished cut of our entire animated short to an audience… for the very first time! We will also reminisce about the way the short came to be, how the story evolved during the creation process and show behind the scenes material.

Join us, because we can’t wait to hear what you think!

Info & Tickets:

Painting Backgrounds for Animation 04: Noir Table

To create a Film Noir-ish look in our @dwddtv animation, we painted backgrounds using just black and white. In this style it’s especially fun to play with highlights of glassware.

De Wereld Draait Door

Dutch TV Show ‘De Wereld Draait Door’ asked us to create an animated teaser for ‘Manhattan Beach’ by Jennifer Egan, a book with a fantastic mood to try to capture.

Digitally Inked Animation

A little video showing how we digitally inked the animation for our upcoming short ‘From The Snow-Covered Hill’ using Toon Boom:

Wrapping Up Animation Production

Woohoo! After months of hard labor we’ve finally wrapped production on both animation and background painting for our short film ‘From The Snow-Covered Hill’. It will now go through post-production to be completely finished by the end of the year. Stay tuned for news about the release…

Animation is a wrap

Painting Backgrounds for Animation 03: Plants

This week we grab our brush and show how painting a yellow texture onto vibrant greens makes flora sprout to life.

Ink Washed Toons 01: Will

Over the past few years I drew Will, the main character of our short, THOUSANDS of times. But as production on animation wrapped this week, I’ll never have to draw him again. It feels kinda weird to say goodbye, so let me draw him one last time just for you. M.